Got Ants?

There are over 12,000 known ant species in the world. That said, if you have an ant problem, we have the experience needed to eliminate it, no matter how extensive it has become. Whether you struggle with those “little tiny ants that move really fast” or you have an infestation of carpenter ants, we can help.

In the Chicago area, we typically see the following kinds of ants, but it’s important to know the difference, as each of these present their own unique challenges:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Odorous house ants

With so many years of experience providing pest control services in Chicago’s western suburbs – from Downers Grove to St. Charles and all surrounding towns – we are well-equipped to get your ant infestation under control.

If you have an ant problem, please contact our office at (630) 548-1200!

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