Cockroach Control

If you have a cockroach infestation, you are right to be concerned! A cockroach population can spin out of control very quickly, and some types are more difficult to eradicate than others. With our experience, Greathouse Pest Control Services can help!

In addition to being unsightly and just generally creepy to most people, cockroaches present health concerns! Roaches carry bacteria and disease, and an infestation can trigger allergy and asthma reactions, particularly in children.

Whether it’s your home or your business, it’s important to get control over cockroaches as quickly as possible. Remember, with Greathouse, there’s never a contract (unless you want one), and your secret is safe with us – our unmarked vehicles protect your privacy!

Pest Control Services in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

Controlling cockroaches in homes and businesses across Chicago’s western suburbs from Aurora to Glendale Heights, from Lombard to Darien, Greathouse can be your pest control partner. Call Greathouse today at (630) 548-1200!

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